Prop 8 Supporters Ask Supreme Court To Block Broadcast Of Federal Trial

(SAN FRANCISCO)  In yet an other effort to block the broadcast of the federal lawsuit to overturn Proposition 8, supporters of the referendum have appealed to the US Supreme Court.Supreme Court Seal

According to the brief as quoted by the Los Angeles Times, attorney Charles Cooper wrote, “The record is already replete with evidence showing that any publicizing of support for Prop. 8 has inevitably led to harassment, economic reprisal, threats, and even physical violence. In this atmosphere, witnesses are understandably quite distressed at the prospect of their testimony being broadcast worldwide on YouTube.”

Cooper also wrote the trial, “has the potential to become a media circus.”

The appeal was filed before US Supreme Court Justice Anthony Kennedy and it asks for video broadcast to be blocked.

A similar motion was filed before the 9th Circuit Court of Appeals in San Francisco January 8th.  It was quickly denied by a three judge panel.

The US Supreme court has given plaintiffs in the case till noon Eastern Time Sunday, January 10th to file a response.

Chad Griffin, President of the American Foundation for Equal Rights, said they will respond to the motion.

“Those who want to ban gay marriage spent millions of dollars to reach the public with misleading ads, rallies and news conferences during the campaign to pass Prop. 8,” Griffin said in a prepared statement, “We are curious why they now fear the publicity they once craved.”

The American Foundation for Equal Rights is backing the federal lawsuit which is officially called “Perry V. Schwarzenegger”.

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